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My Story

A decade ago, my family was in crisis. One of my kids had severe focus issues, with all the issues that often come with that. And the whole family suffered with him! At times I was a hot mess, just trying to get through the day without losing it. 

We turned to medication
 for a while, but that didn't work well for him. 

Luckily, I found dōTERRA, and several essential oils that really helped him. Over time, we learned how
to use dōTERRA® oils and products to improve the health of our entire family.

Replacing toxic household products helped the quality of the air in our home, and eased some breathing issues that some of us had. I even
learned to create my own home care products
with my favorite ingredients.  

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I found that doTERRA essential oils were so helpful and effective for my family, that I couldn't help but share them with others.

As a dōTERRA® wellness advocate for over 10 years, I have helped hundreds of other families with their health goals, too. Sharing my knowledge with others is a privilege and a joy to me.  

In just a few years, I built a business that has given me real freedom...
financial freedom and time freedom. 

When you learn about all doTERRA has to offer --including an incredible compensation plan -- I think you will be as excited as I was. It was the best decision I ever made!