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I love helping people with their health goals. I've been a dōTERRA® wellness advocate for over 10 years, and have found so many ways to improve my family's overall health through natural solutions. Sharing this knowledge with others is a privilege.

 A decade ago, one of my children suffered from severe focus issues, along with all the behaviour and self-confidence issues that often come along with that. And the whole family suffered with him, I can tell you. At times I was a hot mess, just trying to get through the day without losing it! Of course we also had all the usual health needs of a young family... stuffy noses, growing pains, warts, bruises, cuts, sore muscles, teenage skin, and lots more! We were constantly trying to find natural solutions to problems when they came up, but it wasn't easy! We even turned to medication for the focus issues for a while, but my son's appetite loss made me concerned for his nutrition, and he suffered emotionally to an extent that made us unwilling to continue.

Luckily, I found dōTERRA, and several essential oils that really helped him. Over time, we learned how to use the 100% pure dōTERRA® oils and products to improve our physical and our emotional health. I think that finding a natural solution for my son's focus issues was the biggest win of my life! Replacing toxic household products helped improve the quality of the air in our home, and ease some breathing issues that some of us had. I even learned to create my own home care products with my favorite ingredients.

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