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How to make a roller, spray, veggie cap, how to fill a diffuser and where to buy them.

What resources we like best to know all of this.

💧Buy Fractionated Coconut Oil through your dōTERRA account (4 oz containers). For larger amounts, get MCT / fractionated coconut oil online from a trusted supplier (for US residents, use this link: for a high quality, made in USA, low cost, ingestible!) OR, Costco now carries liquid coconut oil (MCT oil) in the vegetable oil section.

☑️ROLLERS : 10ml order from Amazon, from the dōTERRA US Warehouse, or from Pengwing offers a 24% discount to dōTERRA members as well as loyalty rewards; be sure to set up an account with them.
☑️SPRAY BOTTLES: 2 oz glass from Amazon $1-2 each
☑️VEGGIE CAPS: order from DōTERRA
☑️DIFFUSERS: Doterra's are the best by far, but you can buy good diffusers at (Canada) or from Amazon.

☑️BOOK: Modern Essentials, The Essential Life, or Essentials of the Earth Book, , (Canada)
☑️APPs: EoEbooks or Modern Essentials by Aromatools, $6.99 each. Download a FREE app using this link (click the link to open).

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