It's Bargain Time!

It's our favourite time of year, because we get the absolute best prices on the dōTERRA essential oils that we love -- along with education, tips and recipes that help us make the most of every drop. Bookmark this page and visit every day to learn about the oils on offer and shop the deals.

How Do BOGOs Work? 

A few times a year, dōTERRA likes to surprise us with a week of super bargains. If you are new to BOGOs, here is how they work. 

dōTERRA will offer pairs of oils for a certain period of time, with a new pair every day. When you buy one of the pair (the "buy" oil), you get the second one in the pair free. Each deal expires at midnight on the day it is offered, or when supplies run out. 

You can either buy individual pairs of BOGOs, or purchase the whole "BOGO Box," get ALL the deals and pay shipping only once. It's your choice! When you buy the BOGO Box, though, dōTERRA throws in an extra free oil! 

Keep reading to learn about this week's BOGO Box! 

Buy the Whole BOGO Box

November 15, 2022

On Day 1 of BOGO Week, you can purchase the whole BOGO Box! When you do, you get all the BOGO oils plus a free 15 mL bottle of Northern Escape -- doTERRA's beautiful blend that smells just like the northern boreal forests in a bottle. 

The four BOGO pairs are as follows: 

  • Buy On Guard 15 mL, get Easy Air 15 mL free

  • Buy Cassia 15 mL, get Wild Orange 15 mL free

  • Buy Roman Chamomile 5 mL, get Black Spruce 5 mL and Copaiba 15 mL free 

  • Buy Deep Blue 5 mL, get Deep Blue Rub free 
You can purchase the BOGO Box starting on Nov 15. If you have a dōTERRA wholesale account, just log in and purchase. Use a Loyalty Rewards order to get the absolute best deal, because you will get product credits that you can use to pay for future purchases.

The wholesale value of this box is $369 CAD. If you have a dōTERRA account, you will pay only $172. Save nearly $200!! 

If you do not have a dōTERRA wholesale account yet, you can set one up with the BOGO Box. Why pay retail prices, ever! 


Click through to learn a few ways to use this week's BOGO oils.