November Deals

10% Off Product

Embrace the power of Adaptiv for 10% off! 

Grounding and sweet, the aroma of Adaptiv™ essential oil blend was purposefully designed to provide an aroma of calm and confidence, acting as the perfect companion for your busiest days. Use Adaptiv to help create a comfortable environment when you find yourself confronted with new surroundings or situations. The sweet, citrusy, floral notes create an aromatically peaceful atmosphere throughout your space whether by diffusion or topical use.

Adaptiv essential oil blend is expertly crafted with essential oils that provide a synergistic bouquet of steadiness and support. Lavender, Neroli, and Magnolia oils possess calming, pleasant floral fragrances. All three contain the chemical constituent Linalool, granting Adaptiv oil blend its richly relaxing aromatic profile. Wild Orange oil adds an encouraging note of citrus while the aroma of Spearmint energizes and uplifts the atmosphere. Rosemary and Copaiba oils round out the blend with their calming scents.

How to Use: 
  • Massage one to two drops of Adaptiv oil into the back of neck and shoulders for an aromatically relaxing massage.
  • Gently apply one to two drops of Adaptiv oil to wrists for a tranquil midday aroma.
  • To diffuse, add 3-4 drops to your diffuser of choice and enjoy! 
  • Rub one to two drops of Adaptiv oil into bottoms of your feet in the morning or evening for a calming, centering aroma.
  • Soak in a relaxing Epsom Salt bath by adding three to four drops of Adaptiv blend to your bath water.
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Product of the Month

Get doTERRA's 15 mL bottle of Clove with a 125 PV order FREE from 1-15 November — while supplies last. Note: you must have a wholesale account to be eligible for the Product of the Month. 

Clove Bud essential oil, distilled from the common cooking spice, has an energizing and stimulating aroma as well as skin-warming and surface cleansing topical properties. Clove Bud essential oil has many useful applications, including aromatic diffusion, oral hygiene and personal care, massage, and cooking.

The main chemical component in Clove Bud essential oil, eugenol, gives it a very stimulating and energizing aroma and also gives Clove Bud essential oil its renowned cleaning properties. Compared to other eugenol rich oils like Cinnamon Bark essential oil, Clove Bud essential oil is particularly suited for oral use, making it ideal for cleansing and freshening the mouth, teeth, and gums.
  • Add one drop of Clove Bud essential oil to a toothbrush before applying toothpaste.
  • Combine one to two drops of Clove Bud oil with doTERRA Spa Hand & Body Lotion for a skin-warming lotion.
  • Dilute one drop of Clove Bud oil with Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply topically during a soothing massage for a warm, energizing aroma.
  • Place one drop of Clove Bud oil in 60 mL of water and gargle for a refreshing, clean-feeling mouth rinse.
  • Combine two drops of Clove Bud oil, two drops of Tea Tree oil, and honey for a cleaning facemask.
  • Use Clove Bud oil as a substitute for ground clove when baking treats.
  • Add one drop of Clove Bud oil to hot cider or holiday wassail for added spice.

Place a 125+ PV order or more loyalty order by October 15 and receive a free bottle of Balance!

Holiday Shopping

Get a head start on the holidays! The following Limited Time Offer doTERRA holiday items are available starting November 1: 

Limited Time Essential Oils: 
  • 15 mL Holiday Joy
  • 15 mL Holiday Peace
  • 15 mL Mexican Cuisine Blend
  • 15 mL Tropical Cuisine Blend
  • 10 mL Blue Lotus Touch
  • 15 mL Midnight Forest
  • Adaptiv Room Spray
Limited Time Personal Care Products: 
  • Midnight Forest After Shave
  • Midnight Forest Body Wash
  • Midnight Forest Gift Set
  • Carrot Seed Body Butter with Rosemary & Spearmint
  • Sol No 3 Personal Aroma Spray
  • Sol No 3 Hand Lotion 
Limited Time Accessories: 
  • Retro Train Diffuser with 5 mL Stronger
  • Diffusing Garland
  • Essential Oil Storage Case
  • Terracotta Passive Diffusers in Gift Box

Holiday items are available until they sell out. Shop early to avoid disappointment! The US Warehouse has a few additional items: 

  • Dark chocolate mini bars with Wild Orange and freeze-dried raspberries
  • Cuisine Collection (Italian, Mexican, Thai, Tropical) 
  • Hygge Room Spray
  • Malama 15 mL blend
  • Malama moisturizing bath bar
  • Malama restorative hand cream
  • Malama collection

New to the Canada Warehouse!

doTERRA's fabulous probiotic, PB Assist+ is launching in Canada this month! 

PB Assist+ is a proprietary formula of six probiotic strains in a unique double layer capsule. This convenient, effective, naturally sourced probiotic was specifically designed to help support your gastrointestinal health. With its double capsule delivery system, PB Assist+ dissolves after reaching the stomach, delivering its benefits where they are needed most.

Because of its double layer coating, PB Assist+ delivers its gastrointestinal benefits to the intended targeted areas. When taken as directed this naturally sourced probiotic supplement can help promote a favourable gut flora, keeping your stomach regular and supporting your overall wellness.

NPN: 80103865

Products You May Want to Add to Your LRP Order this Month...

I use my monthly loyalty order to replace over-the-counter products with natural options. Here are some of the products I'm ordering this month. Maybe you'll get a few ideas of things you'd like to add to your order this month too. Loyalty rewards orders have saved me so much time, money and energy over the years. 

Let me know if you'd like help maximizing your LRP experience. I'd be happy to help.

My suggestions for your subscription box this month are all about head tension. I have suffered a lot from this over the years, and I'm so happy that I hardly have any problems any more. Hopefully my experience can help you as well.  

  • Peppermint - this all-star essential oil has so much to offer! Apply a small amount to the temples (at the hairline) and the back of the neck. The cooling sensation feels so good! 
  • Frankincense - we have a saying: when in doubt, use Frankincense first. This soothing oil can be used topically on the temples and back of neck, but I also love to drop it in my mouth, or apply to the roof of my mouth for relief. 
  • Copaiba - This is another very gentle oil that is excellent to help release tension. I use this one in the same way as I use Frankincense. It is incredibly soothing. 
  • Lavender - We use a LOT of Lavender in our household, It's another very gentle oil that is excellent for many things. Many people don't realize that it helps relieve tension when used topically. 
  • Rosemary - this plant is actually from the same family as Peppermint. When used topically, it offers a strong cooling sensation on the skin. Some of the compounds in this oil are particularly good for calming inflamed nerves. 
  • Past Tense - This blend was specifically created for head tension! This is my husband's go-to blend for head tension, but I tend to gravitate to other choices.
  • Lifelong Vitality - In case you didn't already know, I am a HUGE fan of doTERRA's supplement system. It's highly bio-available and offers great nutrition as well as a lot of compounds that help fight tension and inflammation.  

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